Taryn Laronge’s songs are known for having “haunting vocals”, said Alexandra Gill, the Globe & Mail’s Arts Editor. The editor of Tuck Magazine says that Taryn is a singer-songwriter who is walking the musical footsteps of pioneers like Tori Amos, Sarah McLachlan and Joni Mitchell, and that when you listen to her songs you hear an honest voice and an urgency only found in artists who go the distance and leave a mark. Whether it’s writing Christmas songs that have a warm, wholesome feel or singing one of her own uniquely dark and emotional piano ballads, Taryn’s voice is authentic and made to express both extremes of life’s joy & pain.

Taryn Laronge is an in-demand Canadian-American recording artist, performer and songwriter. She currently resides in the city of Vancouver, British Columbia, where she enjoys the inspiration of the Canadian wilderness. Her song “Reena” was featured by CBC’s Radio 2 and her song “Climbing” was featured in the film “Something Good”. She always welcomes opportunities to write original songs for television shows, major motion pictures and commercials.