EP – Desolation – Digital Download


The EP’s sounds lend itself to an appreciation for both technological and organic gendres, combining a mixture of organs, detunned guitars, programmed drumbeats, and string sections reminiscent of Italian film scores. When asked why they called themselves Pariah Project, vocalist Taryn Laronge offers the following explanations; “We wanted to make a statement by exploring provocative and somewhat controversial subjects. We were looking for a word which expresses the feeling of being an outsider in society, like watching a movie all the time. This is something that we both can relate to as artists.” The Pariah Project’s debut EP already has huge potential considering the hit song on this three track EP, Reality, has been scheduled to be released on two upcoming compilations, months before the EP is scheduled for release. Not to mention the CBC’s “” will be releasing the second track, Reena, as a Flash animation video project which will be posted in September 2001.


  1. Nothing
  2. Reena
  3. Nocturnal Nights
  4. Lost
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